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(no subject) [Sep. 17th, 2010|03:32 pm]
DukeCollapse )
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Corporations love a dangling [Aug. 28th, 2009|02:54 am]
Virginia Virtual Computing Collaborative
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A summer grill! [May. 31st, 2009|12:06 am]
[Current Music |Rex The Dog DUH]

Now that I have a place where I can theoretically entertain people, I'd like to do so. I've talked about this to a couple people, but I want to have a BBQ/grill thing. It will be an opportunity for people to come over, probably late summer, and enjoy some gooood food and drink of multiple kind.

I will be planning this for a while, but nothing will happen until July probably because I will need apparatus. Keep this in the back of your minds, this is happening, the only question is when!
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Nothing quiets the soul quite like an imperial stout [May. 15th, 2009|01:26 am]
Some things are nagging at me and keeping me from sleep. One of these is not an issue of mine but rather an issue of another person who would bemoan my loss of sleep over their situation. Another issue is a bit of beyond-the-office work I promised to have done by Saturday. It really shouldn't be hard, but the time investment may be more than I'm planning for. Whatever, I have supreme confidence in my ability to produce programs in languages I am completely familiar with in arbitrary lengths of time. Another issue is money, but that's mostly a non-issue for various reasons. I just need to be more careful this month. No visits to Dogfish Head for a few weeks, certainly.

Basically, I'm glad these are my worries instead of the ones that plagued me while I was in school.

Also I have constructed a web site because as a web designer I feel it is my duty to have a place I can direct potential employers, and my current site is not a place I feel comfortable sending them.

Design is entirely my own and it amazes me how much better it is than the majority of Wordpress sites and templates I've been looking at for ideas on where to go from here. The sidebar is emptier than I'd like and probably needs rearranging, but I can't think of anything else to put there. All that's really left to do aside from writing more stuff is to do lots of small enhancements and shine that disco right up.
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For those who haven't seen this [Apr. 11th, 2009|01:14 am]
I think it's rather accessible and its power cannot be denied. Behold,

Draculax - Chapter 11 : The 5th Dynasty (YouTube)

This was a contest entry that Kaz and I collaborated on and I think it turned out awesome. I hope this goes farther eventually.
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Ffffffff [Mar. 27th, 2009|02:40 pm]
Twiz I'm sorry. Yeah, that's all there is to say...
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(no subject) [Nov. 11th, 2008|12:37 am]
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(no subject) [Nov. 6th, 2008|12:26 am]
I am so happy that no one tries to engage me in political discussion ever. I don't pick fights and they don't pick me. But then I read some shit and I get all sad and want to help. I can't.

Then I get sadder. Why can't people be informed?
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(no subject) [Oct. 28th, 2008|01:07 pm]
Trapped out of my house and out of my car at the moment. I think I'm going to walk to the library until someone turns a phone on and isn't too busy to help lil old me.

Wireless internet is pretty great. Sunshine, not so much (laptop screen).

Had a job interview yesterday. I'm so fucking hoping right now. I don't know how you're supposed to wow people in interviews but I decided that just being me was probably okay.
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More dour mood [May. 27th, 2008|01:13 pm]
Things are better now but it's hard to see them that way. I have this fucking awful sore throat that has been getting worse since last Thursday and I finally get to see a doctor about it today and maybe get some painkillers and antibiotics. I am down to one meal a day because it hurts too much to swallow anything including water.

Reason things are better:

- Alice is here in Fairfax! But I can't see her until I see the doctor and call people and stuff ARGH.
- I have a car to replace the Sable! Poor Sable. I want to strangle that damn woman. Everyone agrees that from my description of the accident that she must have been jackrabbiting out of the parking lot in order to swing me around like she did.

Anyway it's a 2004 Silver Pontiac Grand Am. Definitely a step up in a number of ways (working A/C, much better gas economy, pretty rad sound system, steering isn't going to fail at any moment, doesn't consume a gallon of oil a month) but it's hard to see that old workhorse go. Carmax is a great place to buy a car though. I'm definitely pleased with it so far. I need to get to the Sable today and grab the coffee, garage door opener, and CD visor (this car only has a CD player until I get it replaced with mine).

This damn throat is gonna kill me if I don't do something pronto. The Vicodin downstairs is very tempting.
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